Fresh Ink

“Ticket Stub” will appear in the Fall 2018 issue of Stoneboat Literary Journal.


“The Parable of the Butchers: Taiji Cove vs. Factory Farming” appears on the January 22nd, 2014 edition of New Verse News.


“Cheers” and “Morning” have been published in Puff Puff Poetry, Prose and Play – An Anthology.  Available now on Amazon!


“Never Fell” has been chosen for inclusion in Uncommon Core: Contemporary Poems for Learning and Living by Red Beard Press.


“Letter to Lake Michigan” is featured in the Wisconsin DNR’s 2013-2014 Wisconsin’s Great Lakes calendar.


Short essay with photos for Minerva Rising Contributor’s Blog, April 25th, 2013.

Natural Poetics – The Passing of a Wisconsin Winter


Never Fell was published in Minerva Rising Issue One: Beginnings, September 2012.

Never Fell

Last night, I was Eve.
I wore spike heeled
snake-skinned boots.
My hair was short –
I was not the Lady Godiva Eve,
painted by so many ribs,
long, blonde, and naked.
My hair was red. My legs were long,
my tongue was longer.
Born by the piercing,
the consecration of metal
to flesh, of skin to skin.
I was forced from muscle,
swelled out of blood, tendons
and twisting tissue.
No bone bore me.
I walked into this world,
and I did not fall.
I made an entrance.
What shame should
make me want
to hide the soft glow
of my bare, buttery skin?
Should you not
look on me and see
the beauty that is
I will feed this hungry body.
I will lubricate my eager spirit.
I will not live
on a diet of deprivation
when fruit is bulging
from the branches
swollen with juice and
tender meat.
I will devour
what tries to devour me.
You will know me
by my outstretched hand.


Apology was published by Straight Forward Poetry, Issue One March 2012.


were right.

It was mostly
my fault.

I didn’t
blame you.

I regret
certain things

I did
before you,

certain things
I did

with you.
I always

just wanted
to make things

If I had to

do it
over again,

I wouldn’t
do it

at all.
I am sorry

these are
all lies.

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