Night Thaw


Night Thaw

Mute blue ice knocks

swells and moans

round hollow whale moans

that ricochet beneath

the surface of Chain Lake.

Glacial gestures melt,

crack, shrink, freeze –

movement by altering

molecular structure.

Movement not seen, but heard.

Groans bend their echoes

bottom up, bouncing thick

waves that grow louder in

the crisp still of darkness.

A bright white moon

alights the uneven,

tirelessly repeated

thaw and freeze.

A great spectral bellow.

A grand, scraping,

beautiful sound of science –

melting motion amplified

tumbling into itself,

reverberating each minute shift.

Bottomless voices mumble bubbles

below drowned growls

and deep creaks that whiplash

between shorelines where

fragile ice edges heave

their length. I close my eyes

and inhale the sonic atmosphere.

I feel the lake lean, crystal edges

crinkling as they reach

into the water between beaches

coaxing the dark body

that speaks these frozen tongues.


All text copyright – 2020 – Adrienne S. Wallner/ Jaeger