About Adrienne S. Wallner (Jaeger)

Hi!  I am a writer, photographer, and traveler, music lover, nature enthusiast, and National Park advocate.

Like many professional creatives, the life of a writer is filled with a variety of jobs other than writing.

I received my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine, Stonecoast in 2009. Then served a two-year term as a Wisconsin AmeriCorps and became a Youth Advocate and Outreach Worker  My work as an allowed me to engage with and teach at-risk youth, encouraging social development and expression through art, writing, and hands-on outreach experiences.

I taught Expository Composition and Persuasive Writing at Lakeland College for a few years, then completely switched gears and became a Wilderness Field Instructor with a wilderness immersion therapy and education program.  When I left the woods I worked for a short time as Lifestyles Editor at a local newspaper before becoming an Interpretive Ranger at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Turning to my lifelong love of art and experience gained working with non-profits as an AmeriCorps, I began working for LOLA, a non-profit arts center in northern Wisconsin.  Today, I teach, speak, write, edit, grant write, make art, and seek opportunities to encourage creativity in others.

(And write and write and revise and write and write…)

All text, art, and photos are copyright Adrienne S. Wallner / Adrienne S. Jaeger / Adrienne Jaeger unless otherwise noted.

DISCLAIMER: While the above author strives to convey accurate information in her writing and on this website, no information, statements, opinions, or claims are endorsed by the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, AmeriCorps, LOLA, or any other company, entity, business, university, or group referenced on this website.  


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