My experience opening for Rupi Kaur! (Skip to 4 min in for poetry performance.)
Trailer for my event with Kelly Hepper on January 8, 2022 in Madison WI!
Stonecoast MFA alumni who celebrated book publications in 2021:
Gina Troisi, “The Angle of Flickering Light” Joanna Solfrian, “Visible Heavens” Clifford Royal Johns, “Velocity Blues” Indigo Moor, “Everybody’s Jonesin’ for Something” Adrienne S. Wallner, “To the 4 a.m. Light”
Livestream Poetry Reading on Coffee on the Coast Hosted by Coolest Coast (Manitowoc)

Gather Around the Light – A Book Launch Celebration (50 min event celebrating the launch of “to the 4 a.m. Light” and Gina Troisi’s “The Angle of Flickering Light”)

Poetry Sneak Peek – 20 min preview of “To the 4 a.m. Light” created for LOLA Arts with poetry, some of my photography, and music by Kelly Hepper.

4 min compilation of porcupine videos and photos. Original music by Kelly Hepper

“Night Thaw” from “To the 4 a.m. Light”

“Hydrangea” from ” To the 4 a.m. Light”

“Hydrangea” from “To the 4 a.m. Light”

“April” from “To the 4 a.m. Light”